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Plan your vSphere Upgrade WELL.

If you are planning to upgrade your VMware environment, hold that thought and ask yourself, “Have I planned properly?” The reason for that is the number of dependency that needs to be considered before starting off with the upgrade. While I was working as a VMware TSE, on a daily basis I used to have […]

vCenter Server vSphere vsphere 6.5

vCenter Server High Availability

vCenter Server High Availability or vCenter HA, is one of the most promising feature of vCenter Server 6.5, which provides highest availability for the vCenter Server, without any Microsoft Windows Clustering. Prior to version 6.5, high availability for the vCenter Server could be achieved by means of clustering of Windows based vCenter Server (Supported version […]

vsphere 6.5


With new features such as VM Encryption, Encrypted vMotion, Secure Boot Support for Virtual Machines, and Secure Boot Plus Cryptographic Hypervisor Assurance for ESXi, vSphere 6.5 Security brings together security and operational efficiency that are both universal and scalable. In addition, vSphere 6.5 introduces audit-quality logging of vSphere events via Syslog. Virtual Machine Encryption : […]