The thumb-rule to troubleshooting of any product / solution / protocol is to find out more about your problem. Once you have identified the symptoms, finding a solution is not a difficult task.

Majority of time the issues related to Infrastructure that is reported to VMware Technical Support has not been diagnosed properly. Due to that, a major portion of time is spent by a Technical Support Engineer in identifying the symptoms of a problem from an Infrastructure about which they knows less.

Then their is another common problem which arises due to infrastructure not being up updated regularly at least with Critical and Major patches and updates.

Their are a number of questions which an Engineer / Administrator must ask himself before opening a case with the technical support, this will help them in getting a better understanding about the problem.

  • Is the issue clearly identified.
  • Are the symptoms clearly identified.
  • Was that a one time occurrence of the issue.
  • Is the issue re-occurring.
  • Is there a pattern to the occurrence of problem.
  • Is there a scheduled activity running in the environment around the same time, like backup, replication, anti-virus scans, defragment jobs and other scheduled tasks which will use a lot of resources like : CPU, Memory, Network or Storage.
  • Are there any issues that you are already aware off, in your environment.
  • Has this issue or a similar issue occurred in the past.
  • What all products from VMware are impacted.
  • What about other products.

Troubleshooting of an issue varies from situation to situation. I am going to pick few scenarios to explain them under various title’s :

I will continue to add more scenario’s, soon.

By Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma is currently employed with a Startup company based out from Bangalore, India. And is currently focusing on cloud centric technologies like Software defined infrastructure, Integration, Automation and Operations with on-premises data center and Cloud provider services like GCP and AWS.

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